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Our Story





▍2013年    羅馬式薄脆披薩 序









2013 Roman-style crispy pizza preface

The owner met a pizza chef who came from California by chance.The chef was also a pizza lover, who cared about every detail regarding pizza,from ingredients to the dough. 

The crispy crust that the chef made especially attracted the owner's attention! It's completely different from the crust of other pizza chain stores.

Roman-style crispy pizza, ★not greasy ★refreshing ★slice after slice!

Therefore, the owner studied very hard to learn the skills from the chef, and began the journey of Phone Pizza....




▍2015年   創新  x  研發


在台北創立了 Phone Pizza 品牌,第一家實體店面就此展開,以外帶外送起家更是這品牌名字的由來,靠著 Phone 開始著一段故事。







2015 Innovation x R&D

The first Phone Pizza store was opened in Taipei. It started with take-out and food delivery by phone calls. This is how it got the name.

Located in the alleys near Linsen North Road in Taipei. A few years ago, there were a lot of customers who liked strong taste to go with drinks. Therefore, the owner innovated many flavors exclusive to Taiwanese people, such as chicken crab mix pizza and Taiwanese sausage pizza. He used Taiwanese fresh scallion and garlic for seasoning, and combined local ingredients with American flavors. This is what made it popular among  customers in the neighborhood.

The owner selected high-quality ingredients, innovative and pure local delicacy combined with American flavour, to cater to the preference of local people, and he was also fully dedicated to the store.



▍2017年  換址階段 增加更多餐點







In 2017, more cuisines were added during the relocation phase

As the old store was unable to accommodate the amount of ingredients and customers, we expanded the space of the store to open up the dine in area. 

We decided to find more space and added more new cusines.

Strawberry Mochi Sweet Pizza was one of the most successful innovation that year. It has always been the most popular choice during winter time!





在新店面4年後發現,常常有客人在超出我們外送範圍的區域打來叫外送,3-10公里以上,因為外送距離過遠會影響pizza品質,雖然客人說沒關係,但我們都婉拒掉,因為pizza還是要趁熱吃才是最好吃,是我們的堅持!還有南部來的客人,久久上來才能吃到,希望在南部也能吃到Phone Pizza,種種區域上限制的原因,老闆左思右想之後決定做全台冷凍宅配,這樣就可以讓全台灣在家也能吃到用心做的,熱騰騰pizza!







After 4 years in the new store, we found that customers often call for delivery in areas beyond our delivery range, (more than 3-10 kilometers). We decline those orders, because the delivery distance will affect the quality of the pizza. We believe that pizza is more tasty while it's hot, and that's the reason why we refuse to take those orders. There are also customers coming from the southern part of Taiwan who can only eat our pizza once in a while. We hope that all people can enjoy Phone Pizza easily. Considering location restrictions, the owner decided to try frozen pizza delivery, so that everyone in Taiwan will be able to eat hot pizza at home!

Now you can eat Phone Pizza without coming to the store !